In Which the Pirate Presents Feline Friday.

Floyd is difficult to photograph. First, because pictures of him tend to look like cat-silhouettes with green eyes and sometimes a little pink mouth. Secondly, because he absolutely hates having his picture taken – point a camera at him and he will stalk off, lashing his tail, squawking indignation. But earlier this month a friend got this great shot of him on one of the kitchen stools.

Floyd has a thing for the kitchen stools. When I’m in the kitchen he’ll perch on one and keep me company (except if I’m trimming meat, then he’s by my ankles begging for a taste). He doesn’t have one particular seat that’s “his”, per se, but whichever stool has been most recently vacated is the one he’ll hop onto. Maybe he’s a seat-stealing jerk, or maybe he just likes his stools to be pre-warmed for him. Sometimes I’ll eat in the kitchen, and when I get up to refill my drink Floyd will steal my seat. There are three stools, so I’ll just sit down on another one. Cue more indignant meowing – I think he was hoping for more attention than that!

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