2013 Projects

Grandma's Scarf

Grandma's Rook Scarf

  • The one post about this scarf, which I crocheted as a birthday present for Grandma. I used three skeins of Noro Silk Garden.
  • My project page on Ravelry for Grandma's Rook Scarf.
  • The free pattern is available as a Ravelry download, and I highly recommend it. I liked it so much that I started another one as soon as I'd finished the first!

Rainbow Rook

Rainbow Rook Scarf


Ripple Washcloth

  • I used leftover Sugar 'n Cream to make this ripple washcloth as practice for a full size blanket, and posted about it here.
  • The Ravelry project page for it is here.
  • The free pattern is available at Attic24.



  • More Sugar 'n Cream leftovers all put together to make a hyperbolic bath foofy! The post about it is here.
  • Ravelry page for the bath foofy project.
  • The pattern, such as it is, is to start with six single crochets in a ring, and then work your way around, working two scs in every sc. At first it doesn't seem like it will foof up, but by the end it's actually really long!


Shell Point Washcloth

  • Yet more Sugar 'n Cream leftovers to make a round washcloth for a change. I posted about it here.
  • Ravelry page for the Shell Point Washcloth.
  • This was quick and easy, and the free pattern is available on Piece By Piece.


Random Washcloth

  • More Sugar 'n Cream leftovers in a random stitch pattern that seemed like it would be nicely scrubby. The post about it is here.
  • Ravelry project page for the Random Washcloth.


Monaco Washcloth

  • And the end of my Sugar 'n Cream leftovers made a quick washcloth during the Monaco GP. I wrote a blurb about it here.
  • The project page on Ravelry for the Monaco Washcloth that kept my hands busy during the race.
  • No real pattern - chained 25 or 30, then alternated single and double crochets until I ran out of yarn.


Pile O' Washcloths

  • This is my favourite washcloth pattern. I've just been making a bunch of these and listing them all into the same Ravelry project page. If I make them slightly small, I get two washcloths from one skein of the Sugar 'n Cream Ombres.
  • The Woven Stitch Dishcloth pattern is free! And awesome!


Michael's Oversized Hat

Rusty Stripes Sock

Celebratory Socks

  • I loved every moment of knitting the socks, except when I accidentally broke one of my Brittany birch needles (it's been replaced). I tried an afterthought heel for the first time, and thought it worked pretty well. Here's the posts about these socks, and the Ravelry project page.
  • I used this free Afterthought Heel sock pattern, and I was happy with it - though I might do some heel adjustment, next time - maybe working the heel over more than half the stitches.


Michael's Birthday Socks

  • 22 days to a pair of socks, and they fit him perfectly. He says they could be a little taller in the leg, but there was no more yarn! Next time I'll have to do contrast toes/heels/cuffs for the extra height. Details, but unfortunately no pictures, at the Ravelry project page.
  • I used this fairly standard pattern and thought the Dutch heel was very interesting!

New Traveling Sock

Thrice-Fouled Socks

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