In Which the Pirate Is Colourful.

I enjoyed making the Rook Scarf for Grandma so much that I immediately wanted to make one for myself, but I wanted the spike stitch pattern to be a little more noticeable. In looking through the pattern’s other projects, I was drawn to this awesome rainbow version. I ordered two skeins of Knitpicks Chroma, one in Prism and one in Grey. I started the scarf on the train between Washington and Connecticut, and beg your forgiveness for the washed-out colours of the photo – between the phone’s camera and the poor lighting on the train, it was hard to get it accurate.

Rainbow Rook

The yarn itself is pretty nice. It’s a loosely spun worsted weight singles, and it’s very, very soft. Unfortunately I get the feeling that it’s going to want to catch on everything and will probably end up pilling after only one or two seasons, but I’ll enjoy it until then!

Meanwhile, in the colourful department, I found myself in need of new suitcases and could not resist the pink polka dots. There is something about having a matched set of suitcases that makes me a little bit giddy. I feel so coordinated!

Matched Luggage

Also in the colourful department, a new car! My little Mazda wasn’t really capable of handling the mountain roads in wintertime, so with some wistfulness but no regrets I traded her in for this orange beauty. We’ve already been on our first road trip together, and she’s a delight. Even if I’m still getting used to her clutch.

Subaru XV Crosstrek

Here at the tail end of winter things are seeming pretty grey, so it’s nice to have a few shots of colour to liven things up a little bit.

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