In Which the Pirate Crochets a Rainbow.

Last week we had a spectacular snowstorm here in the mountainous DC suburbs. The whole city shut down, as it does at the mere mention of the word “snowflake,” but everyone east of here seems to agree that the storm itself was anticlimactic. After two days of being told “A foot or more of snow! It’s the snow we haven’t gotten for two years, all at once!” people were hyped up for it.

Well, perhaps closer to the city the storm was insignificant, but up here on the mountain we got a foot of snow in the low spots, and 18″ in the high spots… and we lost power for six hours or so when a snow-laden tree gave up and fell down across the lines.

Snowed In

What’s a yarn addict to do, snowed into the house with two cats and no power? That’s right, dose the cats up with catnip and crochet for a few hours.

Rainbow Rook

I’m really enjoying this project. It goes fast, the colours are simply beautiful, the spike stitch is showing up perfectly on the stripes, and for some reason the cats leave crochet alone more than knitting.


This last picture is also available in giant 4000×3000 (3.8 MB) if anyone wants to use it as their desktop background. Enjoy!

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3 Responses

  1. Aradia says:

    I am a veritable “Cr0chetAdd1ct” (as my Ravelry name implies *_*) but I have yet to try the spike stitch. I do so love anything rainbow though and I think your snowed-in efforts are marvelous! <3 the contrast between the bright and gray! I certainly am inspired to try out this stitch sooner than later now. Great job!

    • Pirate says:

      The spike stitch is a lot less complex than I thought it would be! …actually, I could say that about most crochet. Before I learned how, I thought it was mysterious complicated wizardry. :)

      I’m glad you like my rainbow! Check out the Rook pattern; it’s free and it has good pictures explaining how to make the spikes.

      • Aradia says:

        Love the turn of phrase: “mysterious complicated wizardry” :D That is SO funny, I felt the same way about knitting. I couldn’t wrap my noggin around how you made fabric with 2 straight sticks! Thanks for sharing the pattern too! I love a good photo explanation! <3

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