In Which the Pirate Makes Washcloths.

Crocheted washcloths might be my new favourite project. They’re quick, they’re easy, they hold up to repeated washing and drying, and they’re amazingly useful! I always have one in the shower for washing my face now; it’s got just the right amount of scrubbiness without being too rough.

Every crocheter (crochet-ist?) has to learn the ripple at some point, right? How else can we make those iconic 1970s afghans? There’s one on my couch, of course, and Kipling has claimed it for his own. The thing is, it actually belongs to Pirate-Ex… so I figured I’d practice the ripple stitch with a washcloth, in preparation for making the replacement blanket.


Then I thought I’d try some hyperbolic crochet (aka a bath foofy) with the green leftovers. I used up the variegated yarn first, then the solid green, then wanted to do one more round for extra foofiness, so broke into a ball of yellow for the last round. This was really, really fun to make!


I had about half of the yellow yarn left and didn’t know how far it would go, so I decided to work this Shell Point washcloth from the inside out.


Next I took a random stitch pattern and made a washcloth of it. I like how it waves! I think this would look good in a solid or semi-solid colour as a baby blanket. Not that I plan to make one any time soon, but still.


One needs something to do with one’s hands whilst watching F1 races, even exciting ones like this year’s Monaco GP. I just did a simple thing with some more leftovers, alternating single and double crochet until I ran out of yarn. The zigzags are nifty!


I think it’s official, I’m a washcloth addict. I’m almost out of the Sugar ‘n Cream yarn, though – I have a ball of white and a ball of denim blue left, and that’s it. How many washcloths does one girl need, anyway? Even if they are really fast and fun to make…

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