In Which the Pirate Has a New Scarf.

Back in December, inspired by this project and how much I enjoyed making the Rook for Grandma, I started a Rainbow Rook while on a train ride. I had two balls of Knitpicks Chroma Worsted, one in grey and one in “Prism”, the most rainbow of their colourways. (“Lollipop” and “Rollerskate” were close contenders for this one, but I went with the rainbow after much consideration.)

Rainbow Rook

I love the yarn (even if it doesn’t seem very durable – it’s a 70/30 wool/nylon blend, but a very soft single, and I think it will pill) and I love the spike stitch. I love that the pattern is completely reversible. I actually love this pattern enough that I could see making a third scarf, one with offset spikes. And, obviously, I love the long gradient stripes. That reminds me to work on my Stripey Striped Socks! Those need to be finished.

Rainbow Rook

Yesterday I had another train ride, another 4.5 hours to while away with yarn, and I was able to almost finish the scarf before I got to Washington. “You did that all on the train?” the conductor asked me. “You’re good, I’m impressed!”

This afternoon, after my first day on the new job, I came home and crocheted the last few stripes. And now, though it’s the middle of June and I’ve no need of it whatsoever, I have a new scarf! It needs to be blocked, still, and I’ll try to get a better picture after it’s come off the blocking wires. I would have arranged it artistically on the rocks, but it’s been raining and so that seemed like a bad idea.

Finished Rainbow Rook

P.S. Yes! New job! I’ll be doing web design sorts of things, which will severely cut into my knitting and spinning time. Obviously I’ll just have to be more dedicated to it (and blogging) in the evenings.

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