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In Which the Pirate Gets Cozy.

I had planned to sleep in and then go to the spinning meetup this afternoon, but the week of getting up early had me wide awake at 07:30. And then this is what I can see from my front door, which makes me want to hunker down in the house and be cozy. Maybe light a fire. The crockpot is simmering, the kettle’s almost boiling, the cats are snuggling, and all in all it seems like the kind of day to stay indoors!


Since the weather and the clocks have turned, I’ve been doing lots of spinning! The beautiful blue merino-tencel is resting and waiting its turn to be plied on the jumbo bobbin, which means that first I have to skein this off:


It’s 8 ounces of green Ashland Bay merino, spun in three sections during the Tour de Fleece (and for the rest of the summer, and into the fall) and now a squishy three-ply. I don’t think I’ve ever packed a bobbin so full!


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