In Which the Pirate Gets a Deal.

Back in June, I started crocheting a replacement couch-blanket for the cats. I began with one ball of Loops & Threads Impeccable in the “Tropical Storm” colourway and added eight more skeins in July when I found a 40% off coupon, but I knew I still didn’t have enough to finish the blanket.

On Friday I was right near the artsy-crafts store, so I stopped in – just to look, of course. And that’s when I saw it: an entire bin of “Tropical Storm” on clearance. But wait. There was another bin of the same colourway at the regular price. I found an employee and asked which was right, and after much consideration she said that while the colourway I wanted wasn’t the one on clearance, it was obviously their stocking error and she would honour the lower price.

I bought eleven more balls of the stuff.

First Four Squares

I’m working in strips of twelve squares, and I’m going to make at least sixteen strips. Each square is approximately 4″, so I’ll have a 48″ x 64″ blanket – that should be a good size for two people and two cats to snoogle under!

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