Last weekend I was away from Floyd and Kipling, so instead of the usual Feline Friday, today we'll be featuring Finnegan, my sister the Ninja's border collie! It's been a few years since I've seen Finn, and I couldn't believe how big and floofy he's gotten. At five years old, he's not the slightly gangly post-puppy teenager I remember, but a full-grown dog! He still has lots of energy, but was a little more willing to lie down and relax at our feet when we were just sitting around.


Finn's main purpose in life seems to be full-body wagging whilst eagerly waiting for someone to ask him to do a trick or a task. On Sunday, when we shoveled snow, he excitedly leaped into each shovelful as it was tossed into the air. And every time the coffee grinder ran, he did a wild growling doggy-dance of shaking the living daylights out of a stuffed toy. (I personally think his best trick is that he'll stop licking your face if you say "yuck!")


I admit that for much of the weekend, we spoke to and of Finn in doge-meme. (So dog! Very toys! Wow! Such visitors! Much playing! Very excite! Wow!) But can you blame us, really? Just look at this face... (Many treat! Wow!)


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