In Which the Pirate Plans for the Olympics.

There’s a challenge going around Ravelry to start and finish a project during the Olympic Games, but ugh. I have eight works-in-progress at the moment. Eight! (Granted, two of them are 99% done, but still. Eight.) And that doesn’t even count the two that are in hibernation, or the spinning commission I’ve taken on. The last thing I need is to start yet another project. That would be ridiculous.

So my Olympic Challenge to myself is to see how many of those WIPs I can finish before the end of the Games. I’m aiming to knock out these four, especially: the Fleeps need magnets sewn to their mitten-tops, there’s a gift I’ve been working on that needs only the finishing touches, and I’ve got a hat on the needles that’s already a third of the way done. The armwarmers that I’m making for Stef might take a little longer, but I’m going to see if I can get them finished before the torch is extinguished.

I don’t want to forget the spinning, either. I’d like to get the commission done and mailed off sooner, rather than later. And if I’m really feeling like challenging myself, I can add in one square of the crocheted afghan every day. I began my challenge yesterday when I got home from work while watching the tape-delayed opening ceremonies, and I have through 11:00 am on Sunday, February 23 to see how much I can do. I’m actually at the office today even though it’s Saturday, but of course I can knit when I get home.

(Times like these, I wish the cats were useful as house-servants. If I didn’t have to cook and clean, imagine how much more I could get done.)

Here goes!

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  1. Renee Anne says:

    I, too, am participating in WIP Dancing because I want to get my remaining four WIPs off the needles (or much closer to off the needles).

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