My friend Teresa, Ship's Cook of HCPS Tygershark, loves black and silver. I've only ever seen her wear black and silver - maybe a little bit of white, sometimes, when silver can't be found.


About a year and a half ago, she mentioned something about armwarmers, and I filed the thought away in my head with a note that I had to find black and silver yarn for the project. Not long afterwards, I bought a skein of Kraemer Sterling Silk & Silver. It just seemed fitting to use real silver in something I was making for Teri!

I was going to give these to her last year at Pennsic, but I didn't end up going - so unfortunately, they were set aside for other projects. But I finished them during the Olympics (hooray! a WIP completed!) and mailed them off, and just heard from her that she's received them, so now I can post about the project!


The pattern is Lacy Fingerless Gloves, available for free on Ravelry. It was and easy and quick project which took less than half a skein to make. The armwarmers are worked flat in rows of alternating fan-shapes, edged with a round of single crochet, then seamed up the side with a hole for the thumb. I like the construction and would use it again with another stitch pattern!

Kipling tries to be in all the pictures (look at those adorable paws!) but it's a good closeup of the shape of the fan stitches. The silver strands are even more obvious in real life; the camera didn't really capture how they shine.


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