In Which the Pirate Presents Feline Friday.

Recently, I received this email from my dad an unhappy reader:

Dear Sir or Madam

It appears that you have discontinued the feature “Feline Friday” from your publication. This is unacceptable and if it is not returned I will have no other option but to cancel my subscription.

Thank you.
An unhappy reader.

I sent the following in response:

Dear Unhappy,

We here at the staff of extend our most sincere apologies! Please be assured that the “Feline Friday” feature has not been discontinued. However, it does rely on the cooperation of said felines to remain reasonably still and photogenic. We have issued verbal warnings to each of the staff felines and informed them that bonus ear-scritches will be withheld if they do not get with the program.

Thank you for writing to us, and we hope that future editions of “Feline Friday” will be satisfactory to you!

And so, without further ado, the return of Feline Friday!

Some of you may be familiar with this “Boots and Cats” video:

Here are Floyd and Kipling, doing their best rendition:


Note their blurriness. This is the aforementioned failure to remain reasonably still. Like many celebrities, they display a callous disregard not only for their fans, but for the harsh reality that should they go on doing exactly as they please, they are easily replaceable.

(Michael gets photo credit for this one.)

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