In Which the Pirate Gets Snowy.

One of the souvenir sock yarns I bought at Winterlude this year was a ball of ONline Supersocke 100 Paradise in a colourway that reminded me of skiing in 1986. (I didn’t ski then, but that’s what the colours looked like to me.) Then I took up snowboarding in February and realized that it’s 1986 all over again: everything is bright pink, purple, and turquoise. So I decided to bump this sock up to the top of my queue before the colours go out of fashion again!


I knit much of the first sock’s leg on my way to the slopes earlier this month, getting close to the heel flap and turn before coming home from that trip. Last night I knit the heel flap, turned the heel, and sleepily picked up the gusset stitches before bed. I even remembered to take notes on the project page so I could be assured of making the second sock just like the first!


This is my first time knitting with Supersocke 100, but it won’t be the last – I picked up a second souvenir in a semi-solid mauve colour, and am planning to design cabled socks with it. The yarn is a little bit slippery, but not too bad. I could see how it might be splitty if my needles weren’t sharp, though. I’m getting a nice fabric on US 1s, soft but not too loose, and I’ve been careful to rotate the stitches every few rounds so I don’t get too much laddering between the needles.

Of course, now that spring has sprung I have less need for wool socks, but I’m sure these colours will still be reasonably “in” next winter too.

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