In Which the Pirate Spins.

From Mulberry Fibers on Etsy comes this ridiculously pink braid of 75% merino/25% nylon, which I am spinning into a two-ply fingering weight for a commission:


Here are the singles, resting before being plied. My camera wasn’t fully able to capture the brightness and saturation of the pink:


I really enjoyed spinning this. The fibre drafted well, without sticking together or sliding apart. The darker sections were a little tougher to draft smoothly, which is something I’ve noticed in other spinning projects as well. Maybe it’s something about the darker dyes that felt the fibres a little?

There’s one more braid in a lovely shade of green to spin for this commission, and then of course plying all three yarns, washing and skeining, and mailing them off! The Tour de Fleece is coming up soon, and I’m aiming to have the entirety of the commission finished before then as I have a challenging Tour project in mind…

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