In Which the Pirate Presents Feline Friday.

A study in light and shadow.


Last night Kipling was purring next to me on the couch and I was idly scritching his head. When I took my hand away to type something, he said “mew!” (Mew? The cat who normally says “ook ook ook!” is now saying “mew”? Okay…)

So I went back to providing head-scratches. But it’s hard to type one-handed, and I was composing an email, so I took my hand back, and– “MOW!” With a demand like that, how could I say no? I resumed the petting.

Still, I wanted to finish the email. I put my hand back onto the keyboard. Kipling, perhaps thinking that his language skills weren’t up to par, began to demonstrate exactly what he wished me to do. He reached out one paddy-paw1 and began to pet my arm. And when I looked down in surprise. he grabbed my arm with both front paws and hugged.

I saved the email as a draft. My cat needed me.


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