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In Which the Pirate Plies.

Skein Number One: 3.65 ounces of a 75% merino/25% nylon blend from Mulberry Fibers in a delicious greeny-blue, spun into 290 yards (less than I was hoping, bah) of two-ply yarn. It looks like it’s about fingering weight; the gray strand in the second picture is a standard commercial 4-ply sock yarn.




Skein Number Two: 4 ounces of the same 75% merino/25% nylon blend from Mulberry Fibers in ridiculously bright pink, spun into 434 yards (ahh, that’s more like it) of two-ply yarn. I used the same gray strand of commercial sock yarn to compare grist and I think it’s about right.




I have one more braid of the same blend for this commission, and then I can pack ’em up and mail ’em out! It’s been a fun spinning project; the fibre is prepared well and drafts smoothly. Admittedly, I like spinning the singles a lot better than I like plying. Knowing that it’s a commission helps me to get started on plying rather than letting the singles sit on the bobbin forever and ever.

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