In Which the Pirate Talks About Tools.


Day Four: Conversations Between Workers.

Start by writing a few short paragraphs from the point of view of one of the tools you use for your craft. This might be a spinning wheel, crochet hook, pair of scissors or your knitting bag. These first few lines should include a description of this tool’s task and usage. If you are feeling particularly in tune with this item you might assign it feelings.

Then, write a dialogue between yourself and this item. It might describe your relationships, the annoyances that you have felt for this item at some point (or could it have possible ever have felt annoyances with you) and the wonderful work that you have created together.

Hi, my name’s Grace, and I’m a Kromski Sonata. I think I have the best view in the house. I sit by the big window in the bedroom, near the comfy chair, and from here I can see everything. This is what I look out over:

Beautiful Spring Day at the House

And this is me, yarn-maker extraordinaire, with the very first fibre I ever spun:


Aren’t I pretty? (And humble, too. -Ed.) Well, anyway, on to the subject at hand: today, I am interviewing my person! Here’s a picture of us hanging out at a Spin in Public event a few years ago.


Grace: Let me just start off by saying how glad I am that we found each other, and how much I love the time we spend together.

Pirate: Thanks! I like you too.

Grace: We’ve made so many beautiful yarns! Miles and miles.

Pirate: …are you buttering me up for something?

Grace: Who, me?

Pirate: You’re not very good at the innocent face.

Grace: Well, now that you mention it, I have a little request or two. Or three.

Pirate: Go for it.

Grace: So… my jumbo flyer.

Pirate: Right, the hooks. I need to make them stay in place better, don’t I.

Grace: Yes. And speaking of hooks–

Pirate: You’re missing one on the regular flyer. I know.

Grace: Yes. And speaking of missing–

Pirate: I have the new footmen! I’ll see what I can do about getting them on. I know you hate when your brass bearing falls out.

Grace: Well, if you–

Pirate: Oiled you more often, right?

Grace: How did you guess?

Pirate: I’ll get right on that. (sotto voce: Spoiled brat. Well, not really. You’re a workhorse and I love you.)

Grace: I really don’t mean to complain so much.

Pirate: That’s all right. I really don’t mean to ignore your needs.

Grace: Ah, good. Friends?

Pirate: ‘Til the end!

Grace: How about some spinning?

Pirate: …I’d love that.

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    Aww, this is sweet. Also OMGTHATVIEW.

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