In Which the Pirate Presents Feline Friday.

Floyd is very suspicious of cameras, so I have to try to get photos of him before he realizes what’s going on. Often I’ll just leave my little point-and-shoot Canon in the shelf of the coffee table so I can sneakily grab it and get a picture!

Floyd in the Sun

Even though I never use the flash, he’ll close his eyes, turn his head, or simply run away as soon as he hears the camera power on or begin to focus.

Peaceful Floyd

I’m not sure if he thinks that the camera is going to steal his soul, or if I’m just another of those annoying paparazzi who can’t leave well enough alone.

Floyd Hiding

Actually, that last one is an action shot of him washing his face. But I like my version better, in which the rockstar hates having his picture taken! Floyd is definitely the singer of the band. Kipling might be the rhythm guitarist – usually pretty chill, occasionally going a little wild, singing backup vocals and harmonies from time to time.

I guess that makes me the manager, doesn’t it!

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