Now that the mornings are dark and nippy, evenings are coming sooner and sooner, and some of my small summer projects are finished or nearly so, I'm starting to think about fall and winter projects! There's so much I want to do...

It would be nice if the rest of this blanket would crochet itself, but that's not going to happen. I'm going to bring it out of hibernation and leave it in the living room so that I can work on squares whenever I like. At half an hour per square I think there's about 60-80 hours of work left on this thing, which means it might be finished just in time for spring next year. Ah well, eventually!

First Four Squares

The Silk Garden Sock is going to become a Schultertuch / Dreieckstuch. It would be perfect to wear to Rhinebeck or MDSW! Unfortunately, I have no plans to go to Rhinebeck this year... so maybe this project will wait a little, or maybe I'll just make it as instant gratification. The project notes from other Ravelers say that it's a quick project. Some people even crocheted it in just two days! I could wear something like this to work as well as to fibre festivals, so I'm leaning towards moving it up in the queue and making it on the next cold and rainy weekend.


Then there's this bigger project, the one where I thought that knitting a pair of long johns for myself would be a good idea. The six-ply yarn on US3/3.25mm needles should go pretty quickly. I bought two 16" circulars for this project, partly so there would be less changing needles as the circumference of the legs grow and partly so that I could learn the trick of knitting in the round on two circulars.


This dusty pink yarn is destined to become cabled socks. I have so many pages in my notebook filled with doodles of knotwork and cables! One of them really stood out to me, and I'd like to see if I can recreate my design into a pair of socks. (First, of course, I'd like to finish the socks that are on the needles right now.)


There's so much more beyond this that I want to make - a stranded colourwork hat, handspun Fleeps, maybe even a sweater! I have plans for the design of a pair of armwarmers, I'm working on a fine lace shawl, and there are a few lingering WIPs that could be dusted off and finished up. There's always more knitting than time!

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