In Which the Pirate Presents Feline Friday.

Floyd’s love of handknits apparently trumps his hatred of cameras. As soon as he realized that there were socks just lying around on the floor, he went into “sneak mode” (which isn’t really so stealthy, but he thinks it is) and tiptoed up to them… even though I was sitting right there, camera in hand. He patted and pawed at the socks on their blockers, but was soon discouraged by their refusal to crumple up and be rolled upon.


But wait! Another sock, this time on the stairs! Maybe this one would be more willing to become a toy. Sadly, it did not, despite a valiant effort. And I, mean human that I am, took pictures of both sock and cat… and then put the sock safely away before it could be clawed and chewed into a tangle.


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