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In Which the Pirate Spins.

I’ve been spinning and knitting, I promise – I’ve just been really lazy about taking pictures of it, and as a result I haven’t gotten around to posting. But I miss the blog! So here I am. Today I’ve got lots of spinning to show off!

The Tour de Fleece came and went this summer, and I didn’t spin quite as much as I wanted to. But I did keep spinning after the Tour was over. First, I finished the green 75% merino/25% nylon blend from Mulberry Fibers, the third of three skeins for a commission. It’s a two-ply fingering weight.


And here are all three skeins, finished:


The chocolate-aqua gradient on merino-silk from Fiber Optic Yarns that I bought last year at Rhinebeck was chain-plied to preserve the colour progression, and I have 152 yards of it.


Then I needed to spin something bright and cheerful, so I chose some more heathered BFL – this time from Sheepish Creations. I forgot to take a picture of the braid before I started spinning, unfortunately. I split the fibre in half and spun a two-ply with no attempt to make the colours match up.


There are more singles on the bobbins that have yet to be plied, too! For not spinning as much as I’d wanted to, I’ve still spun up quite a bit of yarn in the past few months.

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