2015 Projects

Dave's Hat, completed 7 January.

  • He didn't even remember asking for a hat, so he was pretty surprised to get one! I'll have to get a picture at some point...
  • My project page on Ravelry for the hat - not that there's much there.
  • I keep going back to this Basic Hat Pattern and Cascade 220 for knitting hats. Both have served me well!

Pink Camo Washcloth

Pink Washcloth, completed 17 February.


Stef's Armwarmers, completed 28 February.

  • These were a test-knit for the Carved Lines Armwarmers.
  • The armwarmers' project page on Ravelry.
  • I had a good time making up this pattern! This test pair was made with KnitPicks Andean Treasure, which was delightful to work with but too soft and fuzzy to really show the stitch pattern well.


Carved Lines, completed 12 March.

  • My first design of 2015, the Carved Lines Armwarmers!
  • Here is the Ravelry project page for my armwarmers, and the posts I wrote about knitting them.
  • The Carved Lines Armwarmers can be purchased on Ravelry. I knit mine with Jo Sharp Classic Wool in DK, in a lovely shade of orangey-red.

  • rusty-shine2

    Rusty Shine, finished 14 June.

  • Clearing the bobbins before this year's Tour de Fleece: spun four ounces of Bonkers Merino-Tencel into a 250-yard skein of shiny two-ply yarn.
  • I posted about this yarn here.

  • 20150625_spinningblues

    Spinning the Blues, finished 25 June.

  • Clearing the bobbins before this year's Tour de Fleece: four ounces of merino/silk/bamboo from Bullens Wullens spun up into 105 yards of squishy chain-plied goodness.
  • I wrote about this yarn here.

  • zen_yarn_garden_rambouillet_plied

    Rambouillet, finished 3 July.

  • After years of this stuff sitting on the bobbin because it was underplyed, I ran it through the new Schacht-Reeves that came home with me in June to tighten it up, then chain-plied it into 268 yards of light fingering weight yarn.
  • I wrote briefly about the yarn here and back when I started spinning it, here.

  • 20150711_tdf15_plying

    Tour de Fleece, July 2015

  • This year's Tour de Fleece project was spinning as much natural-coloured mystery wool as possible, and during the Tour I came up with almost a thousand yards of fluffy two-ply yarn.
  • I wrote about the Tour spinning here.

  • schultertuch_finished

    A Shawl for Festivals, completed 31 October.

  • I was hoping to wear this shawl to Rhinebeck this year, but that didn't happen - so perhaps it will make its debut at one of next year's Sheep and Wool Festivals instead!
  • My Ravelry project page for this shawl.
  • The Schultertuch/Dreieckstuch pattern is available for free on Ravelry.

  • 20151122_bicolour_hat_finished

    The Bicolour Hat, completed 17 November.

  • Michael asked for a warm hat, and a warm hat is what he got! It might have come out a few rounds too long, because I didn't have his head handy when I was finishing it off. It's good, though.
  • My Ravelry project page for the hat.
  • I made this pattern up, and I've had a few requests for it already - I think it might need some tweaking before it's ready for publication, though. I'm not particularly happy with the jog at the end of each round, but that may be inevitable.

  • mindless_stockinette2

    Mindless Stockinette Socks, finished 28 December.

  • I almost always have a pair of plain socks on the needles to carry around with me. These were started early in the year, and finished up just in time for the start of snowboarding season.
  • My Ravelry project page for the socks, including pattern notes.
  • It's a pretty standard 64 stitch sock with a star toe.

  • michaels_second_fleeps

    Return of the Fleeps, finished 29 December.

  • Michael's Fleeps were really wearing out, so I snuck in the time to knit a new pair for one of his Christmas gifts.
  • My Ravelry project page for the Fleeps.
  • I used a combination of the Cigar and Gnomittens patterns, customized for Michael's hands based on my notes and his constructive feedback from his first pair.

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