Some time ago, I promised to knit a pair of armwarmers for my friend Stef. She asked for a charcoal gray yarn that would go with her office clothes, and I chose KnitPicks Andean Treasure, a 100% alpaca sportweight yarn - and of course, took the opportunity to create my own pattern while I was at it.



Unfortunately, the fuzziness of the alpaca yarn masks a lot of detail in the stitch pattern, but it's there! I'll be refining my notes and knitting a pair for myself in a smoother yarn that will better show the stitches, and then publishing the pattern for everyone to enjoy.

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One Response to “In Which the Pirate Shares Warmth.”
  1. […] getting around to knitting, and I crocheted a washcloth, knitted a hat for my brother, and finished Stef’s armwarmers. So there’s already a thousand yards of yarn already gone this year, with none brought in to […]