In Which the Pirate Gets Back To It.

You know that phenomenon where you have a hobby or interest, but you skip a few days at it, and then a few days turns into a few weeks, and before you know it, months have gone by? You think, “gee, I really should do that thing I used to do all the time,” but you’ve gotten caught up in life and other interests, and some more time passes. And then one day you realize, “hey! I miss that! I’m going to get back to doing that!”

I have two socks (of different pairs) in progress, but I haven’t been working on them. One is right there in my coffee table, staring at me every night. The other gets carried around with me in my purse, for goodness’ sake. And there’s the armwarmers pattern, which is written up and ready to go, if only I had good pictures to paste into the pattern. I need to take pictures of some of the yarns I’ve spun recently, too. Not to mention the other projects and ideas which are languishing… sigh.

This morning I realized that it’s already the end of May, which means it’s only five weeks until the Tour de Fleece begins, and I really want to do that again this year. And THAT means that in the next five weeks, I need to clear my bobbins – which should be easy, since there’s just one lace single that needs to be wound off and fulled, and only one half-done spin in progress: this rust-and-cream coloured merino/tencel blend.


Spinning the other half and then plying it shouldn’t take too long; the fibre is wonderful to work with. It drafts so smoothly, I barely need to look – so I might bring the wheel downstairs tonight and attempt to spin while watching the hockey game. (Let’s go Rangers!) This may or may not be productive, depending how exciting the game is… but we’ll see! If the spinning doesn’t work out, I’ll work on a sock instead.

My consolation to the sad thought that I haven’t been knitting or spinning lately is that I haven’t brought anything new in yet this year. I’ve gotten rid of some yarn; the “Starry Night” handspun went to Mom so she could knit a hat, I sold some sock yarn that I wasn’t getting around to knitting, and I crocheted a washcloth, knitted a hat for my brother, and finished Stef’s armwarmers. So there’s already a thousand yards of yarn already gone this year, with none brought in to replace it. I suppose that’s not too bad after all.

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  1. Sue says:

    The rust and cream remind me of your Grandma and Grandpa’s living room in their old house. I’m working on the “Starry night” hat. And since you gave me the rest of the ball to knit up a missing glove, does that also count as yardage removed from your stash?

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