In Which the Pirate Plans.

It’s a month away, but I’m already looking at my fibre stash and wondering what to spin for the Tour de Fleece. On one hand, I could set up a major project and attempt to spin enough of the same yarn for a sweater. I have nearly four pounds in four different colours – natural, oatmeal, rose-brown (pictured here), and dark brown – of this mystery wool roving that I got from my friend’s former roommate. That could either be super-boring to work on for three weeks, or it could be a good start on a project I’ve had in mind for quite some time.


On the other hand, I have a collection of combed top in four- and eight-ounce servings that I could work through, including the yak-and-silk blend that I got for Christmas last year and this Romney from Into the Whirled that I bought two years ago at MDSW. That would clear out a greater number of stash entries, and perhaps I could even sell some of the yarns – since I can spin far faster than I can knit!


Even though I have a month to decide, I can’t stop thinking and planning and plotting! So many projects, so many ideas… so little time. And then there’s another question: do I want to work on a spinning project in June, or should I just focus on knitting for now and save all the spinning for July and the Tour?

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