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In Which the Pirate Checks One Off.

I plied almost all of the rust-and-cream singles in one go on the new Schacht-Reeves. *Almost* all, partly because one bobbin ran out before the other, and partly because the plying bobbin was full. Then I evened out the remaining singles onto two bobbins so as not to lose those last few precious yards, plied that and spliced it into the first bit, and eventually counted off 250 yards of yarn when I skeined it.


After a soak and one or two thumps against the side of the bathtub for good luck, it settled into a soft, balanced yarn that’s just slightly thicker than fingering weight. There are one or two spots where the singles were overspun and I didn’t catch it in the plying, but I’m sure I can work around those when I come to them.


The 50% tencel gives such a nice sheen, doesn’t it? 250 yards isn’t quite enough for a pair of socks, so perhaps this yarn might eventually become a pair of armwarmers instead. It’s been so hot lately that I’m having a hard time thinking about knitting cold-weather wear, but I do like to have ideas (vague as they might be) for my yarns.

I’ve started to chain-ply the blue merino/silk/bamboo singles, and I’m about a quarter of the way through that. After that’s done I’ll chain-ply the Rambouillet, and then the bobbins will be completely cleared for the start of the Tour de Fleece. My spinning plan for the Tour is starting to come together. It’s ambitious, but I’m looking forward to the challenge!

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