Knitting the bicolour hat went quite a bit faster once I transferred it from the DPNs over to a 16" circular, though my colourwork tension still leaves something to be desired. There's a little bit of a difference where I switched needles, but blocking helped make it look less obvious. Something to note for next time: even if you're not using the most ideal needles, stick with them for the rest of the project.

(Did anyone else hate having to change pens in the middle of an essay? I never liked to see half a page written in one shade of blue, and the other half written in another shade.)


This project's trial and error has taught me a lot about designing colourwork hats, and I will definitely be putting the lessons learned to good effect the next time. The lined brim came out exactly how I had envisioned it, but the 'seam' where each round ends and the next begins is not something I'd expected. A solid colour at that junction would have hidden it better. It took me a few attempts to figure out how the crown of the hat should come together, and I'm happy with how it looks - although I think I might need a larger model head! I have my fingers crossed that it will fit Michael's head perfectly, and I'll find out in just a few days when I see him at Thanksgiving.


Since I only used about half of each ball of yarn to make this hat, I'm planning to make another in a slightly different pattern. I have lots of other partial balls of Cascade 220 left over from a number of previous hats, and I'm thinking about branching out into something with more than just two colours in the future!

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5 Responses to “In Which the Pirate Tops It Off.”
  1. patati0 says:

    J'aime bcp le chapeau,le modele est-il gratuit?.

    • Pirate says:

      Je suis heureux que vous aimez le chapeau, mais désolé de dire que je ne l'ai pas encore écrit le modèle.

      I'm glad you like the hat, but sorry to say that I've not yet written up the pattern.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Great job! Love the hat!

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