2017 Projects

Moorefield Hat - completed 8 February.

  • My project page on Ravelry for the hat.
  • My first project of the year is one of my own design, to celebrate 10 years of knitblogging. The pattern is available for purchase.

Pink Pussy Hat - completed 9 February.

  • My project page on Ravelry for the hat.
  • A friend of a friend wanted to have a pink Pussy Hat, even though it was after the Women's March on Washington. I found some mystery pink yarn in my stash and knit it up for her.

Dishcloth for Mom - completed 19 March.

  • All the washcloths I've made with this same stitch can be found here.
  • I volunteered to crochet dishcloths for Mom if she bought the yarn in whatever colours she liked best. She picked yellow and blue - and I forgot to get a picture of the yellow one! The hanging loop is in the centre of the cloth to keep it from dangling too low onto the countertop.

Scrubbing Nubbles Washcloth - completed 25 April.

  • This new colourway of Sugar 'n Cream called out for a new stitch pattern, so I made one up and then published it. You can download it for free on Ravelry.

Handspun Rainbow Pillow- completed 11 July.

  • First I spun a bulky two-ply yarn from a bunch of Corriedale solids in my stash, then I knit it in garter stitch from corner to corner, following this pattern. I weighed the yarn as I went to determine the halfway point, where I stopped increasing and started decreasing. The sides are crocheted shut with leftover grey handspun Jacob.
  • My Ravelry project page for the pillow.

Textured Socks - completed 22 August.

  • There's no reason these socks should have taken almost a year to finish - my only excuse is that I tried a whole bunch of other artsy things that weren't knitting. If you're thinking of knitting this pattern, don't let my distraction fool you into thinking it's a complex sock - it's really not! The free pattern for the Stanton Socks is available on Ravelry.
  • My Ravelry project page for the Textured socks.

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