2018 Projects

A pair of tiger-striped socks with white toes and embroidered claws.

Tiger Toes - completed 7 January.

  • My project page on Ravelry for the socks, which are just a regular ol' stockinette sock with a flap heel.
  • My first project of the year was a pair of socks for Michael. They're tiger-striped with embroidered claws on the toes, and duplicate stitch to make the toe-shapes. (My pair doesn't have claws! He said his wouldn't be right without them.)

A colourwork hat in dark and light gray sits on a styrofoam head on a coffee table.

Crossing Trails - completed 11 March.

  • My project page on Ravelry for the hat, which is super-duper warm.
  • I used two shades of Cascade 220 to knit this colourwork hat, and some DK-weight lambswool for the lining. The pattern is coming soon!

A pair of ribbed socks in a variegated teal colourway.

Cakewalk Socks - completed 17 April.

  • My project page on Ravelry for the socks.
  • I knit a pair of socks for myself using my own Cakewalk pattern, so that I could clarify and update the instructions.

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