After the Which Way shawl was done, even with the extra rows I added in, there was nearly a full ball of Cascade 220 Sport left over, plus remnants of each of the five colours of Mad Hatter. I wanted to knit something that would really show off the colours, yet look completely different from the stripy shawl, and used the free Syxx Hat pattern on Ravelry as my starting point - but I wanted a slouchy hat, instead of one that's ribbed and fitted.

I didn't want to bother with knitting a gauge swatch (lazy!) so I decided to do the hat top-down and just use its beginning as my swatch (efficient!) instead. I cast on eight stitches and worked increases every other row until I had enough to measure (six stitches to the inch), did some math, and then continued to increase until I had 128 stitches on the needles.

Trying to estimate when to start the textured section of the hat was a little tricky, and I did have to rip back a little bit to start it earlier, but I think I got it in the right place. And apparently this is my colour scheme now - here I am modeling the hat in front of one of my first watercolour paintings, which is a surprisingly good match!

Pirate modeling the Which Scraps Hat in front of a watercolour painting that matches its rainbow colours

I absolutely love the look of this stitch pattern. The way the darker yarn makes a lattice over the rainbow colours, the texture and depth of the honeycomb, the way the slipped stitches pull the stockinette sections into polygons instead of just plain bricks - it's perfect.

A closeup of the Which Scraps Hat pattern showing a black lattice over rainbow stitches

One thing wasn't perfect, though: I ran out of the 220 Sport with one round and the bindoff remaining. Fortunately, I had some yarn in my stash leftover from a different project that matched the dark gray colour perfectly. It was slightly lighter in weight, but because it was just the last round, it's practically invisible. The hat does roll up a bit at the brim because it has no ribbing, but that's mostly only visible while it's not on my head, so I don't mind. It fits just the way I wanted to, and I think it's cute!

Even the inside is neat to look at:

The inside of the Which Scraps Hat, showing the stitch construction

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