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In Which the Pirate Finishes a Mindless Project.

Originally, I’d thought that this was going to be a hat, and the not-really-matching ball of yarn (in the same dye lot! grr!) would become a machine-knit cowl. But I changed my mind, and this one became the cowl… because, really, the mindless knitting was exactly what I needed, and I won’t mind doing it all over again for the not-really-matching hat.

While it’s a little smaller than the original pattern calls for (this is what I get for using finer sock yarn than standard, I guess) it fits me just fine. I wouldn’t mind if it were an inch wider and that much shorter… but not enough to knit the whole thing all over again!

Also, dang, my hair is getting long. How to cowl + hair? over? under? How does this not make a rat’s nest of tangles at one’s neck? I have no idea how this is supposed to work at all!

Pirate models a rainbow-striped cowl. It is pulled over their nose and mouth. Their eyes are smiling. Pirate's hair is bright purple and they are wearing a red plaid flannel shirt over a red t-shirt.

Seriously, look at the difference in these two balls of yarn. Is this ridiculous or what:

Two balls of rainbow-striped sock yarn that are marked with the same dye lot number. One is a clear rainbow. The other's colours are marled and muddied together. They do not match at all.

I’ve already started working on the hat, and I’m halfway through the ribbing. If I’m lucky, there’ll be enough leftover to make armwarmers, too!

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