Happy happy new year!

As usual, this tally is more for myself than anything else, but you may find it interesting as well. If you're coming from FB/Twitter/other social media, click through to see the full post:

INCOMING YARN: 10,661 yards
4 skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light (576)
4 skeins of Cascade Heritage Sock (1748)
2 more skeins of Heritage Sock, grr miscalculations (874)
1 skein of Cascade Heritage Wave (437)
12 balls of Cloudborn Alpaca Fingering, for a machine-knit colourwork something (2412)
3 skeins of Berocco Ultra, for new Fleeps (645)
7 balls Patons Classic Wool Worsted, for a sweater (1485)
8 balls Universal DK Tweed Superwash (2272)

OUTGOING YARN: 16,284 yards
I gave the second skein of handspun yak/silk to my mom :) (138)
Plain Pink Knit Night Socks used up a ball of Austermann Step that had been languishing in my stash for years. (460)
The Puppies wrap. :D (8417)
Sapphire Martini Socks, the second in the Twisted Sock trilogy! (436)
I gave some Universal Sock Yarn "Ditto" to Lisa so she could try knitting socks (440)
The machine-knit Sanquhar Scarf used ~5 skeins of Heritage Sock (2185)
Seattle Slouch for MadameBadger (437)
Learning Sweater - my very first sweater! (1378)
Sold a skein of Tosh Merino Light (440)
Frustrated with colourwork, I knit a pair of Plain Blue Socks (460)
My own Buoy Blend Handspun got knit up into a shawl (320)
The first "Watch Me!" armwarmers took up 1.05 skeins of Kroy, so I knit a second pair with the rest and some scraps. (350)
Another pan protector... (153)
Fleeps the Third, to keep my hands warm (220)
Piratical Socks (350 red, 75 blue, 25 white = 450 ish)

Nope. None.

OUTGOING FIBRE: ~36 ounces, give or take - 2548 yards
8 ounces of Mohair/Finn blend, spun into a chain-plied gradient (472 yards)
4 ounces Into the Whirled Corriedale, spun into a chain-plied stripy yarn (242 yards)
8 ounces Southdown, spun into two-ply yarn (652 yards)
8 ounces Suffolk, spun into two-ply yarn (706 yards)
Some Fleece - 222g/476 yards of it, to be exact.

Oh, man. I have so many plans. SO MANY PLANS. Trying new techniques on the machine, lined Fleeps, knitting a sweater (or two?), finally finishing and publishing the Twisted Sock Trilogy... It's gonna be a good year for creating things!

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