In Which the Pirate Buys a Lot of Yarn.

It’s been some years since I’ve gotten to go to a yarn festival. Mom and I were rained out of MD Sheep and Wool this year, and couldn’t get up to Rhinebeck in October, but this past weekend we went (along with friends Monica and Jen) to the smaller, less frantically crowded, Maryland Alpaca and Fleece festival.

The night before we went, Mom and I looked through my stash of fingering weight yarn. I had two sets of two yarns that went together, but they didn’t go together together. My goal was to find the other two skeins to bring each set up to a sweater quantity… and I had great success!

On the left, I already owned the top two skeins – one of them dates back to 2007, yikes – and supplemented with the minis and the pale green. The second one isn’t as much of an outlier as it looks with that yellow; the top one also has pops of gold in it. And on the right, I had the first and third skeins already, and bought the orangey-purple and pale pinks to fill out the set.

I guess I’m finally planning to knit some sweaters, huh :)

Many skeins of fingering weight yarn, split into two sets. Each set is enough to knit a sweater. Both sets fade from darker to lighter. The first set goes from dark greens and blues and a few pops of oranges and yellows here and there, to a pale green. The second set runs from a dark purple to a lighter purple-pink with hints of orange to a lighter pink.

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