In Which the Pirate Stripes a Blanket.

The brioche blanket continues…

A brioche baby blanket in gradient stripes of greens, pinks, blues and purples, next to the two remaining balls of yarn for the project.

I’m just over the halfway point (where the colourways crossed, in the dark blue section). The colours are even more vibrant in person, and I am really enjoying knitting this. It’s been a perfect project for knit nights and football games, because it doesn’t take much attention. Except for the brief moment where both strands of yarn were the same colour and I had to be more careful about which one was knit and which one was purl, but that was only a few rows :)

As an extra bonus, I’m using the yarn bowl that Dad made for me!

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  1. @Pirate Now I have a mental image of you in the stands of a football game furiously knitting a blanket because it's so cold.

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