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In Which the Pirate Acquires Mini-Skeins.

Mom’s knitting group is doing a skein swap, and I contributed a soft skein of merino singles that I’ve had in my stash forever. Perhaps we all go through that singles phase, I don’t know – but I do know that I didn’t really want this yarn anymore, and I’m happy for it to go to a new home. And “hooray,” I thought, “that’s another 218 yards OUT for the year!” But then I got skein-swapped!

A collection of 20 mini-skeins of yarn in multiple colours, heavy on the blues/greens/purples range, with a few pinks and one soft yellow.

I got twenty hand-dyed mini-skeins, roughly ten yards each. Most of them are on the same base, a two-ply sockweight. What shall I do with them?

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