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In Which the Pirate Sews.

I know the basics of sewing (okay, maybe I know a few of the intermediates – I’m a terrible judge of my own skills) but I’ve always wanted to get better. So when YouTube “helpfully” started providing me with videos of people sewing zipper pouches like it was the easiest thing in the world, I got it in my head that I wanted to try it for myself.

I’m a sucker for pretty fabrics, and I needed to give Chanukah gifts to the niblings… So they got zipper pouches :)

Three handmade zipper pouches in a variety of pretty fabric patterns and colours, zipped shut.

I followed this YouTube “tutorial” – with “tutorial” in quotes, because it’s more of a sped-up sewing demonstration rather than an instructional video. I was confident that I’d be able to figure it out, and with a minimum of cursing, a few mishaps of getting things backwards or inside-out, and a few grumbly sessions with the seam ripper, I managed to get it right.

(It seems obvious, but the sewing machine won’t sew properly if it isn’t threaded properly.)

Three handmade zipper pouches in a variety of pretty fabric patterns and colours, their zippers opened to show the insides.

And hooray, the kids were all thrilled with their bags! Eldest Niece is going to use it to hold her crystal collection, and the twins are both planning to use theirs as pencil cases, though N. added, “I’m going to put my special art supplies in this.”

I have quite a bit of fabric and interfacing left over, and a giant bag of zippers in many colours (because it was less expensive to buy 80 zippers than to buy 5 zippers). Perhaps I’ll make some more project bags eventually – but for now, I’ve put away all the sewing stuff.

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