In Which the Pirate Tallies Up 2022.

Happy happy new year! As usual, this tally is more for myself than anything else, but you may find it interesting as well. If you’re coming from FB/Twitter/other social media, click through to see the full post:

INCOMING YARN: 3492 yards
I was very good about not buying yarn and then a friend announced that she was expecting, so I had to buy this Lion Brand Mandala in the Troll colourway. I mean… there isn’t a more perfect colourway for this kid’s baby blanket. (1770)
One ball of Lang Super Soxx in Neon. (459)
Then I went to MD Alpaca and Fleece with mom and came home with two half-SQs of sock yarn to match skeins I already had. (1663)
Mom gave me ~200 yards of sockweight mini-skeins, too. (200)

Many skeins of fingering weight yarn, split into two sets. Each set is enough to knit a sweater. Both sets fade from darker to lighter. The first set goes from dark greens and blues and a few pops of oranges and yellows here and there, to a pale green. The second set runs from a dark purple to a lighter purple-pink with hints of orange to a lighter pink.

OUTGOING YARN: 3380 yards
1 ball Lang Jawoll, one of the oldest sock yarns still in my stash, became another pair of mindless socks. (459)
I made a little baby sweater to practice machine knitting, using up a ball of Sockotta that I was never going to knit by hand. (414)
The Scrappy Sibling Socks used up a bunch of leftover Trekking XXL. (458)
Rainbow. Socks. RAINBOW SOCKS. (437)
Usually Thunder comes before the rainbow, but these socks came afterwards. (325)
A pair of half-fingerless gloves (144) that were going to be the liners for Fleeps, but then I decided to keep them as-is and knit new liners…
Sold some Louet Gems Fingering that I was never going to knit because it was bright red – why did I even buy it? (925)
Gave mom a skein of 100purewool singles that I’ve had forever, for her knitting group’s “Skein Swap” (218)

A wrap-around baby sweater in tonal aquas and blues, with two bright yellow crocheted buttons.

The third of the Twisted Trilogy socks: Aviation.
Re-measured and re-mathed for the lounging pants.
In theory, my first handknit sweater, the Graphic Pullover. I started a sleeve-swatch and got no further.
Began a pair of Warmer Fleeps – because the ones I’ve made before aren’t good for the depths of winter.
The brioche baby blanket, which is due in April. I’ll probably knit a Baby Surprise Jacket from the third ball of the yarn; what else would I do with it?
Plus a new pair of mindless socks that I started on the car ride to and from Christmas in Connecticut.

The beginning of a sweater sleeve, from the cuff up. The cuff is ribbed in black yarn for a few inches and the sleeve is a zig-zag pattern in black and white.

4 oz “Rose Petals” merino
16 oz “Cabbage Rose” merino

Across the top of the picture, four braids of merino fibre in a gradient of colours from a medium pinks/purples to a darker blues/purples. Along the bottom, a coordinating solid in pale pink.

OUTGOING FIBRE: 8 ounces/894 yards
8 ounces Hipstrings Invincible, spun into a random 3-ply (894). It is the best handspun I’ve ever made.

A full-size swatch of handspun yarn, mostly in burgundy. There is a penny on it for scale, to show how small the stitches are. The rest of the yarn ball sits on the desk above the swatch.

I’m thinking that 2023 might be the Year of the Sweater… goodness knows I have enough socks already!

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