In Which the Pirate Knits Fancy Plain Socks, Again.

I bought this yarn with the intention of waiting to cast on until my team’s stupid offsite in February, and then I realized that I had nothing to knit in the car to and from Connecticut for Christmas. So here goes – another pair of plain stockinette socks, and I’m already up to the point where I’ll start the heel flap. Car rides are the best for getting lots of knitting done.

A ball of Lang Super Soxx yarn in a rainbow of neon stripes, next to a partially-knit sock and the label from the yarn.

The patterning on the actual socks is playing out so much better than the label suggested they would. And, I mean, I bought the yarn because I liked the sample socks on the label!

Anyway, the second sock of the pair can be reserved for the offsite. It’s only four days; I can’t imagine I’ll be able to knit more than one sock in that time. (I know some people can, but I am not those people. In theory I’ll have many hours of knitting time on the airplane, but in practice my hands would hate me for a week if I tried to knit for that long without a break.)

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