In Which the Pirate Knits a Tiny Sweater.

I actually knit this sweater early last year, but the baby only just made an appearance a couple of weeks ago, so it’s been a secret ’til now…

The pattern is the Lilly Sweater, which seemed like a good way to use a skein of cotton-blend sock yarn and practice machine knitting all at once. I used Plymouth Sockotta, which I used to knit the Pomatomus socks back in 2007-9. Yes, they took me that long, because I didn’t like how the yarn felt in my hands. All the more reason to use it for machine knitting, as the finished fabric is actually quite nice.

A wrap-around baby sweater in tonal aquas and blues, with two bright yellow crocheted buttons.

I didn’t have any buttons that I liked, so I decided to crochet a cheerful yellow yarn around boring plastic buttons (for rigidity). They’re sewn to the sweater with the yarn and the ends are woven in farther than usual, for extra safety.

A bright yellow crocheted button, in progress and almost complete.

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