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In Which the Pirate Sews Some More.

I thought I’d put away all the sewing stuff, but then friend Karen asked if I could make a couple of zipper bags for her, so I did – and while I had the machine threaded, I made one for myself as well. Once again, I followed this YouTube tutorial – this time, unsurprisingly, it went more smoothly. Especially the part with the zippers.

Three handmade zipper pouches in a variety of pretty fabric patterns and colours, zipped shut.

Three handmade zipper pouches in a variety of pretty fabric patterns and colours, their zippers opened to show the different fabrics on the inside.

Sewing is primarily a cycle of rearranging small pieces of fabric, pinning, and waiting for the iron to heat up… and only a very small amount of time is actually spent stitching those pieces of fabric together. See also, from when I was sewing masks at the start of the pandemic:

A six-panel comic about sewing. In the corner of each panel, a clock is advancing to show the passage of time. It is going a lot faster than it ought to be, because sewing is a time vortex. Panel 1: A person with a purple streak in their hair is ironing. Panel 2: They are laying out the pattern pieces. Panel 3: They are cutting out the pieces of fabric. Panel 4: They are pinning the pieces together. Panel 5: a door opens and a second person sticks their head through to say "I thought you were sewing today? I haven't heard the machine-" Panel 6: The first person is sitting cross-legged on the floor, deliberately turning their back to the sewing machine, thread, pins, pile of fabric pieces, and the waste bin. They are saying, "HMPH."

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