In Which the Pirate Has Pieces of a Sweater.

Well would’ja look at that, it’s a stripy sweater!

The pieces of a stripy sweater laid out on the floor as if they were sewn together. The stripes are gray, blue, and green - on the sleeves the gray stripes are wider, and on the body the blue stripes are wider.

All four pieces are done. I basted them together and tried on the sweater, and it doesn’t not fit! It may be one stripe longer than necessary, and there may be a little weirdness with slight tension differences between the blue yarn and the others, but I made a sweater!

Well, almost. I still have to pick out all my basting and replace it with actual proper seaming, and then I have to knit a neck/collar, and then it needs to be washed and dried (because it’s all superwash sock yarn, it will go in the washer and dryer – although carefully, in a mesh bag, so it doesn’t get pulled out of shape)… and THEN I will have made a sweater!


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2 Responses

  1. astranoir says:

    Looks great! What seaming method do you plan to use?

    • Pirate says:

      Thanks! I’m going to stick with mattress stitch, probably – shoulder seams first, then attach the sleeves, then one long sleeve and side seam on each side. :)

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