In Which the Pirate Is Almost Done.

I put seaming the stripy sweater aside to focus on these Warmer Fleeps, because I wanted to get them finished in time for a work-related trip next week. For some reason we’re having a teambuilding event in Oregon, in February. It may be a case of bonding through frostbite, but hopefully these will help me stay warm.

Flip-top mittens knit in charcoal gray and teal. The back has a zig-zag pattern and the front has a 1x1 pattern. One of the mittens is shown with the top and thumb cap flipped open; the other is closed. There are many yarn ends that need to be woven in.

I was pretty sure that I’d have to knit three mittens to get two, and I was almost correct. The first attempt didn’t quite fit right and the opening for the cap was in the wrong place. Fortunately I was able to rip it back to where the thumb begins, and didn’t have to knit the whole thing over from the beginning.

Now I just have to weave in all those ends…

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