In Which the Pirate Is Warm.

First: my new Warmer Fleeps are, indeed, warm enough! The exact shape of the mittens could use some adjusting (the mitten top needs more overlap, and the thumbs are too long) but we walked half a mile to breakfast in 14°F (-10°C) weather and none of my fingers froze. Nice.

Second: I got to finally wear my Breathe and Hope shawl in public. We had themed dress days (teambuilding events are so cheesy sometimes) and one was “favourite scarf.” It took me a while to choose, because who can really pick a favourite? I had to wear my hair pinned up all day because it gets all tangled at the nape of my neck when I’ve got a shawl/scarf under it – one more reason I might just cut it short again.

Third: my hotel bed had this cute double-knit blanket on it and I spent quite some time trying to figure out how the bind-off had been worked. Perhaps it was sewn? It was a good edge, though! I’d like to try double knitting at some point.

A double-knit blanket on a hotel bed. It has diamond shaped motifs in beige on a dark brown background.

Closeup of the bind-off edge of a blanket, where it transitions from double-knit to single stranded.

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