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A striped sweater in navy, silver-gray, and kelly green. It is posed flat on the floor with the sleeves bent towards the centre, as if it is holding a large collection of yarn-ends. It does not yet have a collar. 2

In Which the Pirate Weaves in Ends.

Yesterday I finished weaving in all the ends for the Stripy Striped Sweater. Now I just have to knit the collar… but first I have to decide what colour to knit the collar. Or colours. It could be colours. Like, a four-row stripe of green and then the rest in the silver-gray. That’d look pretty spiffy.

In the foreground, an inside-out stripy sweater with lots of yarn-ends to be woven in. In the background, a purply-pink pair of socks in progress. 0

In Which the Pirate Resolves to Finish.

There’s a Fall Finish-Along going on this month and I’m joining in! I have a stripy sweater in progress that just needs all the ends woven in and a collar added… and a twisted-stitch sock pattern that I need to figure out, knit, and then write up for publication. I’ve been stalling on the sweater because I’m not sure how well it’s going to...

A pair of handknit socks, striped in neon rainbow colours alternating with black. 0

In Which the Pirate Finishes Socks.

After not knitting for much of the summer (though I did get quite a lot of spinning done), I’ve finished the Neon Socks! The yarn is Lang Super Soxx Color 4 Ply in “Neon,” from the Chemical Elements series. As always, I did my best to get the stripes to line up.

A small gray (stuffed animal) gargoyle sits behind the shifter of a car. On the passenger's lap, a striped knit shawl in progress. It is a gradient of blues and greens, alternating with white stripes. The yarn is coming out of a fabric bag on the seat between the passenger's legs. 0

In Which the Pirate Starts a New Shawl.

Michael and I went to Connecticut for a long weekend to visit friends and family (we’re back now) and I cast on a new shawl for the trip. My friend Monica gave me this ball of Zauberball Crazy at the end of 2019 and I’ve been looking for the perfect pattern for it ever since. I decided on Water Rings, which can be knit...

Two skeins of pale pink handspun yarn rest on a sun-and-moon print fabric. There is a penny tucked under one strand for scale. 0

In Which the Pirate Spins With the Tour.

First, my Tour de Fleece success for the year! I finished spinnning the first eight ounces of the “Cabbage Rose” merino, plied it, washed it, and skeined it. It’s about 900 yards in two skeins, looks just like fingering weight yarn (measures at 16 wpi), doesn’t feel too dense, and seems to be exactly what I was going for. The camera really doesn’t capture...

Three bobbins of finely-spun yarn rest on braids of the same fibre. In the background, a spinning wheel and yet more of the fibre.

In Which the Pirate Spins.

I’ve been steadily working on a new spinning project – a pound of pale pink wool. At 40 WPI, this is going to take a while. Daily progress pictures wouldn’t show much, but here is the first four ounces spun up, and the next four ounces ready to go…

Closeup of the bind-off edge of a blanket, where it transitions from double-knit to single stranded.

In Which the Pirate Is Warm.

First: my new Warmer Fleeps are, indeed, warm enough! The exact shape of the mittens could use some adjusting (the mitten top needs more overlap, and the thumbs are too long) but we walked half a mile to breakfast in 14°F (-10°C) weather and none of my fingers froze. Nice. Second: I got to finally wear my Breathe and Hope shawl in public. We...

Flip-top mittens knit in charcoal gray and teal. The back has a zig-zag pattern and the front has a 1x1 pattern. One of the mittens is shown with the top and thumb cap flipped open; the other is closed. There are many yarn ends that need to be woven in.

In Which the Pirate Is Almost Done.

I put seaming the stripy sweater aside to focus on these Warmer Fleeps, because I wanted to get them finished in time for a work-related trip next week. For some reason we’re having a teambuilding event in Oregon, in February. It may be a case of bonding through frostbite, but hopefully these will help me stay warm. I was pretty sure that I’d have...

Two gloves with a set of DPNs and a tiny ball of leftover yarn between them. The gloves are handknit in a dark charcoal gray yarn. They have partial fingers for the thumb, index, and middle fingers. The ringfinger and pinkie are fully covered.

In Which the Pirate Makes Warmer Fleeps (Take Two).

Right, so, I made the inner gloves in a grayish green yarn for a pair of Fleeps (flip-top glove/mittens, for those of you who are new here) that will be warmer than my usual single-layer ones… and then I decided that the grayish green looked awful against the coal and teal I’d picked for the outer mittens. So I started over, and knit a...

The pieces of a stripy sweater laid out on the floor as if they were sewn together. The stripes are gray, blue, and green - on the sleeves the gray stripes are wider, and on the body the blue stripes are wider.

In Which the Pirate Has Pieces of a Sweater.

Well would’ja look at that, it’s a stripy sweater! All four pieces are done. I basted them together and tried on the sweater, and it doesn’t not fit! It may be one stripe longer than necessary, and there may be a little weirdness with slight tension differences between the blue yarn and the others, but I made a sweater! Well, almost. I still have...