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There are thirty miles between the office and the strip mall parking lot where my boss and I meet to carpool. It takes about forty minutes to drive that distance, during which time I can knit three rows, or 75% of one pattern repeat, on the baby blanket. I can knit faster than that when I'm not in the car, but I have a tendency to get headaches if I don't look up between stitches to watch the scenery go by.

It has been too dark, or I have been too tired, to knit on the way to work. We meet at 06:30. The sun is barely up, and the days are only getting shorter. Perhaps I'll give the morning knitting a try tomorrow; 75% of a pattern repeat per day is not going to get the blanket done very quickly at all.

I cast on for the second Bloo Sock and knit the first four rows of ribbing. Unless I knit on it with every spare moment I have, it will not be done by mid-October when I hoped it would be done. The blanket has a much firmer deadline, which means that I have to focus on it instead of the socks.

And speaking of socks, I'm starting to get really excited about the class on Sunday with Cookie A. There's even a socktailcocktail party afterwards! It's going to be so much fun. I can't wait to get the pattern knit and written up so that I can share it with you all!

Unfortunately there will be no new pictures for a week or so. My camera has gone missing. I think it may be lost and gone forever. I will be replacing it, almost definitely with another Canon PowerShot, as soon as I decide which model I like best.

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Last night I went to SnB for the first time in six months. It was so good to see everyone again! I'd like to try to get back there more often, if possible. The timing and location aren't so great for me, but I love being surrounded by two dozen awesome knitters. I got one pattern repeat done on the baby blanket while I was there, which is half of what I'd hoped to accomplish. The pattern row wasn't too hard to do even with all the conversation and distraction, which pleased me.

I gave some thought to the sock design I'd like to make up, and I think the lace pattern I originally had in mind might not work. The pattern is a multiple of 24 stitches plus one, which would mean having it repeat three times around the sock. How would that work over the instep? I'll swatch for it just in case, but it might not be the best of ideas, so I'll go to the design class armed with a couple of different stitch patterns.

Pirate-Husband continues to be awesome. I took out the yarn that I'm going to use in the sock design class, and was fussing with the scale and ball-winder. "What are you doing?" he asked. When I told him that I was splitting the skein in two and winding it up, his first response was "But the class isn't for three weeks! Should you be winding the yarn up now? It isn't good to have it under tension." I love that he knows these things about my hobby and that he's so supportive, but I reassured him that three weeks of being wound up wouldn't make much of a difference to the yarn.

The first Bloo Sock is almost complete. I hope to get it done tonight so that Michael can try it on this weekend. I am a little anxious for it to fit well, so I can knit the second sock without worrying that I'm just going to have to rip it all out and start over. Anyway, I'm meeting up with him in Philadelphia to do touristy things and drink beer. The women at SnB last night were recommending Philly yarn stores to me. I may try to resist, as I'm still supposedly on a yarn diet!

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Last night I finished the first of four skeins for the baby blanket. Originally I'd bought three, but the pattern ate more than I thought it would, and Pirate-Husband helped me find another skein in the same dye lot. It's coming along - and looking good - but I have to knit two pattern repeats on it each day so that it will be done before the (as yet unscheduled) baby shower.

The Bloo socks are coming along too. I'm past the gusset decreases in Sock One and I'm estimating four to five hours left on it, and then Sock Two. Last night I worked on them a bit, until I was too tired to remember not to knit straight over the ribbing! I also started doodling up the design for the tweaks, with plans for small, medium and large sizing. I just have to work out the heel and toe numbers, knit a pair to the new pattern, have them test-knit and the pattern proofed for errors, and then publish!

Due to scheduling issues (boss got a promotion and has been working long hours to catch up on the work) my carpooling has been temporarily put on hold, so I've lost several hours of knitting time per week. He's been considering putting his foot down on work, so we might be able to start driving together again - and because his new position requires him to go back and forth between our locations, he's offered to drive every day if I put in for gas! That's a lot of potential knitting time for me, and a lot of mileage saved on my car.

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I have five pattern repeats done, and approximately fifty-five to go. I will need to work on this blanket for more than an hour every day if I want to have it finished in time for the (as yet unscheduled) baby shower. Unfortunately my time knitting in the car has been cut, as my boss's hours have changed and we're not currently carpooling. There's a possibility that we'll figure something out soon, but for now I have to drive myself to work every day - how frustrating!

Baby Yoda SweaterI knit this Baby Yoda Sweater (Ravelry link) for the older sister of the upcoming baby, and this week my friend remarked on how the new baby already had a hand-me-down handknit sweater to wear. It may be a little selfish of me, but I love knowing that the recipients of my knitted gifts appreciate the time and work that goes into them.

I do remember why I swore I'd never knit another baby blanket, though. They seem to go so slowly! Perhaps it's good practice; eventually I would really like to knit a bedspread for myself, at least queen-size if not king. I do love the Lizard Ridge pattern, and have daydreamish images of knitting squares with friends and then sewing them up. But who would own the finished project? I think I'll have to do it all myself.

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I'm back from the War with lots of knitting behind me!

The Bloo Sock is (now) past the heel and into the gusset. I knit the heel flap and turned the heel, but either the numbers were off or I can't count to 31, so I tinked back and re-turned the heel with my own numbers twice, as my own numbers were also off the first time. That's when I realized I'd forgotten to center the ribbing over the instep. I stared at the sock for a while and gradually came to terms with the knowledge that I would have to rip back to the beginning of the heel flap, rotate the stitches, and do it all over again. After I came to that conclusion, I also realized that I'd forgotten to write down the proper numbers for the heel turn.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I did rip back. It took some frustration and a very small crochet hook to get all the stitches back on the needles in the right orientation. But I am happy to report that the heel turned without further incident and that I have written down the numbers so that the next sock will match. At this point I feel that I've really made enough changes to this pattern to publish it for myself.

Is anyone interested in test-knitting a ribbed sock at an almost ridiculously fine gauge? I haven't yet written up the pattern, other than scribbled notes on the original printout, but I'm planning to publish in at least two sizes, possibly three. The perk will be that you get a free, if untested, copy of a pattern that won't be offered for free.

My camera battery has died, but I'll have pictures soon!

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(I've written this post in advance and scheduled it for while I'm away. I am not on the internet while on vacation.)

On the way back from landgrab weekend, I was able to put a few pattern repeats onto the feather and fan baby blanket. I like how it's coming out so far. The color works well no matter what sex the baby is. Although the lace isn't as open as it might be if I were working with a natural fiber, it's showing the pattern well enough that I'm going to run with it for the rest of the blanket. It takes about ten minutes to do a row, four rows to the pattern repeat, and I have about 50 repeats to go. The blanket will be right around a meter square when it's finished. I think that's a good size for a baby. Besides, if it's any larger I'll go crazy knitting it.

As I knit, I thought about the lace afghan that my mom made over 30 years ago... in an acrylic yarn. It's still on my parents' living room couch today. Maybe it's not that you can't knit lace with acrylic after all. (I bet Mom's afghan would have looked better in a natural fiber with some blocking, but it's pretty awesome the way it is.)

I also realized why Janis kept telling me that the feather and fan pattern is easily memorized, and that she can have a conversation right through knitting on it - it's because it's a lot less complicated than the one used in the Ostrich Plumes stitch pattern. Feather and Fan is (k2tog) 3x, (yo, k1) 6x, (k2tog) 3x. Ostrich Plumes is (ssk) twice, (sl2, k1, p2sso), (k2tog) twice, (yo, k1) five times, yo. It's those "pass two slipped stitches over" that take my concentration every time, plus the tiny thin yarn that never seems to move the way I want it to. The blanket is so much easier than the scarf!

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This weekend is the beginning of vacation! Pirate-Husband and I are going to an annual medieval-style camping event. We're going up to the site this weekend just to get our land and tent set up, and then coming back, working for a few more days, and going back to site Wednesday of next week. We plan to stay for a week and a half.

Last night I started the baby blanket just to see what the yarn looked like knit up (lovely) and I plan for that to be my car knitting. It's a 4.5 hour drive up to the campground. The expectant mother will be at this event, so I don't want to work on it where she might see... but since we're driving to and from site twice, I'll have a good chunk of time to work on the project.

I'm bringing the Bloo Socks and the yarn I bought for the Swiffer cover commission with me, as well as my drop spindle and some roving. I could only find one TP roll onto which I can wind the singles, but someone on Ravelry suggested sliding the cop onto a straw - what a great idea! Also, there's a "silk spinning on a drop spindle" class I want to take, and I'd like to have my own spindle for that. The ones they give out tend to be unbalanced.

Posts may be scarce until August 11; I'm not bringing my laptop on vacation with me. There is internet access on site, but it's slow and costs $6/hour! Be seeing you... :)

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My first thought for the baby blanket I'm about to knit was that a feather and fan pattern would look lovely with the variegations in this yarn. I already know the pattern, it's easy and memorizable, and it will look complex even though it's not really. But then I started thinking... lace. Acrylic yarn. No blocking. Lace needs blocking, doesn't it? There's no blocking acrylic. The best you can do is "kill" it, which involves steaming it very carefully so as not to melt it, and stretching it to the shape you want, but that's not really the same as blocking a piece knit from animal fiber. (Dear Canadian Sister, I typed "fibre" the first time I wrote that. You're rubbing off on me!)

Ravelry to the rescue! I did a pattern search for feather and fan baby blankets, and turned up this lovely piece: Feather and Fan Rainbow Blanket. It's knit in acrylic and the lace looks good! The ripples are all rippley and the yarnovers show the way they ought to. While I'm not going to use this pattern exactly, at least now I have some evidence that the stitch will work with the yarn I've chosen.

I ordered lace needles in size 8.

As for the Bloo Sock, Janis rightly pointed out that a k2, p2 ribbing doesn't flow smoothly into a k3, p1 ribbing. I showed the beginnings of the sock to Pirate-Husband, who suggested that a k6, p2 ribbing for the body of the sock would flow nicely. I think it will also look better considering how many stitches there are, so that's what I'm going to do. Flow problem solved!

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No kidding, there I was, picking out another two balls of Sugar and Cream in Michael's with Pirate-Husband so that I can make a Swiffer cover for an online friend who commissioned one in yellow and blue. Those selected, I commented that I still didn't know what to knit for my friend Asa, who is expecting her second baby this fall.

"Why don't you knit a blanket?" suggested Pirate-Husband.

"I suppose I could," I said, "but... I don't know. They take a long time, and they're big and boring, and I'm not so sure about blankets after the last one."

He held up a ball of Red Heart and said, "This is a good neutral color. I think you'll probably need three. Here."

And that's how I was suckered into left the store with five balls of yarn when I meant to buy none until next year's Sheep and Wool festival. I'm thinking perhaps a feather and fan blanket, since the pattern's already in my head from the Ostrich Plumes scarf, and it's easy but not boring. Besides, what baby doesn't need a washable blanket? And it was an excuse to order another set of Addi Lace Turbo needles, in size 8 this time. As I didn't have the right length circular needles in size 8, I don't feel any guilt about this at all. (I do have a set of 16" long size 8 circs for hat-making, but there is no way I can make a baby blanket on 16" needles.)

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