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It was a slog to get through, but I finished the Rambouillet project one day before the Tour de Fleece began! This project has been languishing for five years; I spun the singles for the 2010 TdF and then let them sit and sit and sit. My plan had been to chain-ply, and then I realized that the singles didn't have enough twist for that. I moved on to thinking I would just finish them as-is, as a lightly fulled laceweight. Then I realized that I'd never actually knit anything with that yarn, and that what I really needed to do was add some more twist and go back to the original plan. That's what I did, and it's come out to 268 yards of light fingering weight... though I still don't know what I'll make with it.


And then on Saturday, the Tour de France/Fleece began! My main project this year will be spinning for a sweater on the new Schacht-Reeves and plying on the Sonata's jumbo bobbins, using several pounds of mystery wool roving that I got from my friend Josh a few years ago. I have four different natural colours, and I started with the lighter gray. I'm starting to get the hang of the longdraw, though some parts of the roving aren't drafting as smoothly as others.

I had friends visiting for the long holiday weekend. On Sunday morning we watched part of Stage Two of the Tour with breakfast, then went out for a 12.5 mile bike ride in the hills. After everyone had gone home, I settled down to spin while watching 1776, one of my July 4th traditions (I was a day late, but that's okay) and by the time I called it a night I was well into the third bobbin. I'm absolutely loving how the Woolee Winder just lets me spin and spin without fussing with hook changes, and the thicker yarn sure does spin up fast.


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I've been riding my bikes more than I've been knitting. Alternating between short, hard mountain bike rides...

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...and easier, long road bike rides. This is a nothing town halfway between The Plains and Middleburg, appropriately named Halfway, VA. Also appropriately, I was about halfway into my 30 mile loop when I stopped to take the picture.

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This might be my new favourite picture of myself.

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The weather is just too nice to stay indoors!

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I've spent a lot of time taking pictures of the cats over the past few years. Kipling, at least, loves the camera - Floyd, not so much. But all good things come to an end, and though it's painful to write, this will be the final Feline Friday post.

Why? Well, Floyd was my ex's cat from the beginning, and he wants his cat back now that he's out of renting and into his own house. So on Sunday, Floyd will be embarking on an adventure of a trip to Colorado. He'll be flying coach, and I hope the airline has received the rider about the red carpet and kibble he's requested. (I admit that I feel bad for the other passengers, who will undoubtedly be serenaded for the duration of the flight.)

What about Kipling? This was a really hard decision, but he needs more time than I can give him, especially if he'd be an only cat. I'm only home and awake for about four hours of the day, and he's more of a "constant snuggler" type. So my friend Angie offered to take him (on a trial basis, at first) into her home, where she and her family and their chill cat Oliver will be able to give Kipling the attention he needs. Fortunately, they only live about 90 minutes away, so I might still get to see him sometimes.

Without further ado, here are the final photos for Feline Friday...

Floyd, realizing that I'm pointing a camera at him:


But the couch is too comfortable for him to bother getting up and running away.


Kipling joined me in a sing-along (oh, and hey! I cut my hair really short. It's uh... undone, here. What can I say, it was a Saturday and I wasn't going anywhere.)


Kipling has such a zeiseh punim (sweet face).


He gets his legs all tangled up when he sleeps. Sometimes I'll nudge him out of a twitchy dream and he'll fall over as he tries to leap to his feet before he's fully awake.


I'm gonna miss the little guys.

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The heat exhaust for my laptop is on the left side, and Floyd is a lot less subtle than he thinks about sitting next to it. First he'll hop up on the table. Then he'll casually stretch and sit down near the laptop. Gradually, slowly, as he shifts positions, he'll get closer and closer to the keyboard, until...


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It's winter, so I've swapped out my laptop's background for something seasonally appropriate!

Floyd is still trying to get as close as possible to the heat exhaust. Me, I'm happy - knitting, beer, internet, and a warm cat. Life doesn't get much better than that... until the laptop overheats. Maybe I should move the cat.


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If I leave my phone on the table, a cat will sit on it.


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Floyd can look so intently at anything but the camera... in this case, I think he had his eye on a squirrel.


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Happy Thanskgiving, one day late, from Floyd and Kipling! I wonder if they know how good they have it, and if they're capable of being thankful. (I do, and I am - very much so.)



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I don't know for sure that it was Kipling who befouled my couch-pillows with the contents of his stomach, but I'd lay odds that of the two cats here, it was the spotted one. As a result, I had to bring out the backup pillows... and it didn't take long for Floyd to sit on them, despite their odd shape and his relative discomfort.



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As I said a few weeks ago, I've learned to keep the guitar case closed. Still, it attracts a cat every time it's out.


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