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Spindle with NickelI picked up this half-ounce drop spindle in gaboon ebony and african rosewood from the Spanish Peacock on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, I started spinning some laceweight from a sample of merino I'd gotten from Sheepish Creations, because I just had to try it out. On Monday, even though it wasn't Tuesday, I spun some more with it. And now that it's Spinning Tuesday, I'm debating whether to keep on with the drop spindle, or do some wheel-spinning today. I could also spin on the other spindle, which is half-full of some gray-green mystery fiber. Or I could take out the drum carder and work on processing some more of the alpaca fleece... technically that's not exactly spinning, but it's fiber prep *for* spinning, so I think it counts.

SpindleLaceweight takes a long time to spin. Longer than I'd thought. I'm not very fast at this, and I'm glad I decided to try the spindle with just a half-ounce of wool. I have no idea how much laceweight yarn I'll get from this, but hopefully it will be enough to knit something small. Meanwhile, it's really good practice at drafting finely. The fiber is dyed in a rainbowish progression. I split it in half down the middle, weighing to be sure I got it right. I'll spin each half in the same direction, then ply them together. Hopefully the colors match up somewhere!

spindle_fullThis year I want to try dyeing my own yarn and fiber. I would love to experiment with my own colors, and possibly even sell some of my work on Etsy. I've had the shop set up for a while, and it's been empty since day one. Maybe if I get really good, I could sell some of my handspun yarn. I have some ideas for other things to sell, too. 2009 is looking to be a creative year!

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Yesterday I gave car-knitting a shot on the way to and from work. I've never been able to read in the car without getting lightheaded and headachy. Once I was able to knit on a larger-gauge hat project in the passenger seat, but yesterday I had some trouble with the socks. Ah well. Maybe once I'm past the gusset and don't have to look at it so much, it'll be easier.

Inevitably I end up picking up one more stitch on the second side of the heel flap. I figure it's no big deal; the last decrease round will only decrease on that one side. I wonder why it happens, though. I pick up stitches through every slipped heel flap stitch, and always there's one extra. Maybe that's a natural extension of knitting in the round, the second side has to be one row taller than the first.

While I really want to get this sock done (so I can start on the next one) I've also been wanting to spin lately. I spun up half the BFL roving that I bought at MD Sheep and Wool this year, and I should probably do the other half in a similar weight. ...and then both skeins will go on the Etsy store, I think. That is my eventual goal - to spin sock yarn for myself, and other yarn to sell. I don't expect to get rich, but if I can make the hobby pay for itself, that'll be enough for me.

I went through all the new sock patterns I've queued up and assigned most of my sock yarns to the future projects. There are a few I left unassigned, so I can do whatever I like with them, muahaha! Okay, it's the short-yardage multi-colored yarns that I love but have no plans for yet, other than being sure to weigh and split the skein before starting, and working toe-up.

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Last night I finished the gusset decreases on the Garter Rib Sock. I took a gauge measurement and re-measured my foot, and I think it will fit okay. If it's a little loose, well, then it's just like all my other socks. Better a little loose than a lot tight! I will try to remember to get a picture of it this afternoon. The colors are really vibrant and I love the way they're swirling around the leg of the sock. I wonder if they will swirl on the foot, or pool.

This week I got a skein of the new Noro Sock Yarn, in colorway 188 - greens and purples. Because green and purple have always been "my colors," I've made a conscious effort to avoid buying too much green and purple yarn. This stuff was irresistable.

Next week I'm driving (again) with a friend up to Canada, and this time we're going to actually stop at WEBS instead of just talking about it. I plan to buy the yarn to make Revolution from the Fall 2005 issue of Knitty. I'm thinking a warm brown for the body of the coat, and maybe a sage green for the accent color?

Tomorrow we're closing on the house. While this project has severely impacted my knitting time, I'm so. freaking. excited. about this. In the fairly near future I will have much more time on my hands and much less spending money... but I've got a serious yarn stash that should keep me occupied for quite some time to come. I'm also going to buy some fiber with my birthday money, so I've kept up on scouting Etsy for beautiful roving. I have a mental image of myself, spinning by the fire, deer cavorting in the yard, a 50-mile view laid out to the east... it's a nice daydream which will be a reality soon!

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I just bought $60 of yarn in some absolutely gorgeous colors, justifying the purchase by telling myself that this yarn is for the projects that I'll sell in the new Etsy shop, and I'm funding my habit here. If the pieces sell, I can use the proceeds to buy yarn for myself at the Sheep and Wool Festival, or at WEBS, or at the yarn stores I plan to visit in Ottawa in June.

This purchase pushes the basket to overflow level. I'm such an addict!

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Though there's nothing there yet, I set up an Etsy shop today. I have lots of ideas for things I would like to sell - all knitting-related, of course!

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