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I had friends visiting all last week, and so I've been spinning but not really blogging about it. After watching the morning's Tour de France coverage, we'd sit on the porch or in the living room, and I'd spin for the Tour de Fleece. We went for a few bike rides when the weather was nice enough, and visited wineries when it wasn't. All in all, it was a wonderful week. Here, Stephen is watching me work.


I'm spinning up eight ounces of Ashland Bay merino in a beautiful heathery green. I split it up into six pieces so I could decide to do either a two- or three-ply yarn once I'd begun spinning, but it didn't take long before I decided that it would be best as a tight three-ply. Like most of what I've been spinning lately, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it!


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Last weekend, to kick off the Tour de Fleece, Michael and I stopped at the Mannings on our way from Connecticut to Virginia. (If I'd known it was actually only about 90 minutes from home, I would have gone there sooner!)

We looked at the wheels and the looms and the gorgeous weaving projects in progress...

...and then the yarn. I didn't want to leave without a souvenir skein or two, and eventually chose a ball of Austermann Step in a grayish-greenish-blue-ish colourway, and a skein of Cascade 220 Quatro in greys to make a hat for Michael. He wanted something very specific and so I was glad to have him there to pick out the exact yarn he wanted.

Here I am being indecisive, but I've already got the ball of Step in my hand.

We saw this crocheted spare tire cover on our way out. Very cool!

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This week I signed up for the Tour de Fleece, an annual spinning challenge that parallels the Tour de France. In preparation, I've been working on finishing spinning projects. Especially ones that have been languishing forever, like this "Starry Night" wool/mohair/angelina blend.


It's now spun and plied into a soft and lofty two-ply yarn. I think I might offer it for sale.


This Baba Black Sheep merino that I started in April at the Centreville meetup...

babablacksheep_merino now a squooshy two-ply. I don't know what I'm going to knit with it, but I definitely want to keep this one for myself!


And this merino pencil roving from Pucker Brush Farm...

pucker-brush-farm_merino finally finished. Over 500 yards of chain-ply. The black strand over the left of the penny is the commercial 4-ply sock yarn that I used to tie the skein off, and the lighter strand is my yarn. Looks pretty close! I haven't decided if I want to keep this or put it up for sale.


In addition to those, there's a full bobbin of Rambouillet singles about which I'm still indecisive. Do I want to skein it off as-is, full it a bit, and have a lot of laceweight singles? If I want to ply it, I'll probably have to run it back through the wheel to add more twist, and that seems like it would be really boring.

I've started a new braid of a merino-silk blend that is just perfect fibre. It's practically drafting itself. I was smart this time and split it into three equal sections before I started spinning, and this way I can make a true three-ply with it instead of ending up with one very full bobbin again. I thought I might offer that yarn for sale as well, but the more of it I spin, the more I want to keep it for myself...

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