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Now, the things I didn't buy at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this past weekend...

Looms. Tempting, but I'm not ready to get into weaving yet. I looked at the little Schacht Cricket too. Maybe someday, but not now.

Dream in Color Starry. I love this yarn, and one day I will buy some and knit the most beautiful shawl that ever existed. Those sparkles aren't the usual firestar or angelina. They're real silver.

Speaking of the most beautiful shawls that ever existed, these were hanging over the Fiber Optic booth. Everyone was stopping to stare and take pictures. They were really spectacular.

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I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday that took me right by a Jo-ann, and so of course I stopped in, and of course I had a 50% off coupon with me, and of course I had to buy some sock yarn. Darn it. The Kroy line has such good colourways!

On Saturday I went to MD Sheep and Wool intending to buy only one or two things, and I was able to keep to that goal. I wandered around for much of the day without buying anything. When I was about ready to head home, I walked past the Fold's booth and was surprised to find it empty-ish... and doubly surprised to find a skein of Socks that Rock that I wanted to bring home with me. It's called "Smokey Mountain Morn," and looks very much like the view from my front window on a foggy day.

Then I was convinced to buy this rainbow-y braid of superfine merino from Woolgatherings. I don't yet know what I'm going to make with it, but it sure is pretty!

I took lots more pictures of the festival and will be sharing them throughout the week. Hooray for the new camera!

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