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Moorefield is a four-colour stranded hat that I designed to celebrate ten years (can you believe it!) of this very knitblog, started on a whim one night when my sister and I got into an argument over whether pirates or ninjas were superior. I said pirates, she said ninjas, and the next thing you know... ten years, nearly 800 posts, and countless stitches later, here we are. Here's to the next ten years!

The pattern is charted out for 128-stitch and 144-stitch hats. Choose the right size for your gauge and head! For a close-fitting hat on a 21.5" head, I used size 4 needles and DK weight yarn to get a gauge of 6.5 stitches to the inch in the colourwork pattern. Only two colours are used per round, making it easier to knit.

Get it on Ravelry here: or click here to purchase:

(For April 3 and 4 only, the coupon code 10YEARS will give you 10% off!)

YOU WILL NEED: 16" circular needle (optional, but recommended) and a set of five double-point needles in the size needed to get gauge for your particular yarn, a stitch marker for the beginning of the round, plus a darning needle to weave in ends. Three extra stitch markers to indicate the quarters of the hat will make it easier to keep your place in the pattern.

YARN: Four nicely contrasting colours of DK-weight yarn (or the yarn weight you prefer, based on your gauge). Five different colour schemes are provided for inspiration. The pattern sample was knit with Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool, which unfortunately seems to have been discontinued in the US, but just about any DK weight yarn should work just fine.

Get it on Ravelry here: or click here to purchase:

Important Copyright Information: The Moorefield Hat knitting pattern is © 2017 Knitting Pirate. You may not sell or otherwise distribute copies of this pattern, but you may absolutely sell the hats you make with appropriate credit given for the design. If you have any questions about what you can or can’t do with this pattern, please feel free to contact contact the Knitting Pirate.

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I just love today's Sinfest! My plan for today is much the same - work steadily for the next many hours, go to a doctor's appointment about the remaining pain in my neck from October's car accident, and then hoist the flag!

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The Book Pirate asked, "Avast! Have you ever knitted a pirate flag?"

Avast ye! I have not knitted a pirate flag, though I have several piratical projects in my queue.

This pirate hat and its matching set of pirate mittens are a must-have for any well-dressed pirate There are Jack Sparrow's Favorite Socks in the "Black Purl" colorway and the Buccaneer's Booty socks as well.

And while this Pocket Pirate is crocheted rather than knitted, she's too adorable to leave off the list.

But a flag? It could be done, I suppose. I might end up wanting to use it as a blanket instead. The salty water of the high seas wouldn't do good things to the wool, anyway. Hmm... a pirate blanket...

Edited to add: there is a comprehensive list of pirate-themed patterns here.

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